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8 days / 7 nights

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Cooking course in Bulgaria and Sea relax
Minimum 8 people, maximum 14 people

You do not want to travel far, but want to find yourself in a strange country? Do like warm seas, but do not like the risks of exotic countries? Is there such a place? Yes, you can make your wishes true for 3 hours without leaving the borders of Europe. You will be in a country that is not in fact revealed its charm, its history of thousands of years and its interesting traditions. Rich history, diversity of population and wealth of nature have found their synthesized expression in the cuisine. Traditions of cooking, which are based on recently widely used as slow cooking, known of our ancestors as "simmering over low heat."This is one of the secrets of dishes with unique taste and memorable flavors. We offer an immersion in a sea of wonderful flavors and then on the shore of a welcoming and warm sea. We invite you to visit Bulgaria. Your holiday will be basically a culinary experience that is combined with a beach and sea and visits to places rich in history, and even golf. The choice is yours. We offer a variety of program options from which to select the ones you like best.

Day 1 - transfer from Varna airport to your hotel and accommodation in Lighthouse Golf Resort.
Delight in your own private sea or fairway view in the luxury of hotel guest rooms, apartments or villas. All are beautifully designed with every modern comfort including air conditioning, flat-screen televisions, cable TV and Internet access. For the younger generation the latest games consoles are available on request.
This place is paradise for golfers. There are three of Europe's finest signature golf courses sitting side by side. Set on top of towering cliffs overlooking the beautiful Black Sea, the three golf courses are created to challenge and inspire every level of golfer. The Thracian Cliffs and Black Sea Rama courses were designed by Gary Player and Ian Woosman designed the Lighthouse course. This is truly a golfer's paradise.

Each morning of the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th - 7th day - departure from the hotel 8:30h into the kitchen. The course is conducted in a professional kitchen, where was filmed the TV show Lords of the Chefs in Bulgaria. 4 hours sessions in the kitchen.


Day 2 - visit to the Palace in Balchik and its botanical garden.
This is the palace of Romanian queen Maria. She falls in love with this enigmatic place and in 1927 by her order was built the summer residence there. A follower of Queen Bahaisme, religion founded in Iran in the 19th century by Mizra Hoseyn'Ali Nuri better known under the name of Baha Ullah. In line with this religion, it ordered the architecture of the palace to harness the symbols of all existing religions. These characters are revealed in the vast garden of the residence. There is also the beautiful botanical garden with an area of 65,000 m2. There are more than 2000 plant species, of which 600 are cactuses. This is the second largest collection of cactuses in Europe. The first is located in Monaco. Rare and exotic trees, shrubs and flowers create a beautiful picture with sea background. Architectural elements have become part of the natural picture - Nimpheum (Roman Baths), Bridge of Sighs, a garden with water mirror in the shape of a cross, Walk of ages, the hanging balconies and much more.

Day 3 - visit to the cape Kaliakra and Durankulak lake optional tour with additional payment
Cape Kaliakra is long 2 km offshore and is a vertical 60-70 m high limestone cliff. Inaccessibility to the rock was the main reason here to be built an ancient fortress named Tirizis. The castle was successively conquered and used by the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians. A large number of remains of ancient habitations have reached our times, which can be seen as exhibits in the small museum. According to the legends, in the fort was guarded treasure of Lysimachus, the successor of Alexander the Great. This place is most famous with the story of several Bulgarian girls who, during the Ottoman domination chose to jump off a high cliff into the sea rather than be captured and converted into Islamic faith. They entangled their long braids and threw together into the sea abyss.
Besides the history of Cape Kaliakra and the nature attracts people here. The place was declared a protected area in 1941. Since the protected area was expanded three times and currently reaches about 50 hectares. This is one of the few places that are home to rare marine species and rare birds.
Nearby is Durankulak Lake, which is known as a habitat of more than 250 species of wading birds and plants, rare fish, reptiles, amphibians, many of which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The lake was declared a protected area. It attracts experts and tourists not only because of its nature. On the big island in the lake is an archaeological park, called by scientists "Bulgarian Troy". Stone architectural complex (the oldest monumental structure in Europe) and Cybele temple - the great mother goddess, dating back 7000 years.
Price: from 38 EUR. It includes transport, guide, entrance fees. Prices depends on group size and periods. Please, contact us for price offer.

Day 4 Free time or day trip to Varna Dolphinarium and the Roman baths. City tour. Lunch in Varna. optional tour with additional payment

Varna is the 3rd largest city in Bulgaria and largest on the Black Sea. This is a magical place, connected with the oldest gold in the world and with Noahs ark. Here is found the worlds oldest gold treated by human - real archaeological sensation: gold ornaments and objects with a total weight for about 6.5 kg. The treated gold is about 7000 years old - from the late fifth and early fourth millennium BC. Until its discovery it was thought that the first metal worked by man, is copper. It turns out that gold began to be used along with copper over the time and serve as decoration, while a symbol of prestige and power.
Here, the American explorer Dr. Robert Ballard organized an expedition in search of the Noah's ark. He has participated in over 65 underwater expeditions, in one of them headed by his team discovered in 1985 the remains of the ship "Titanic". There are historical artifacts that are the basis for the hypothesis that Noah has made the ark exactly here. There are also evidences of ancient shores between 90 and 120 m below contemporary sea level and the so-called organo-mineral sapropelni sludge formed by geological and biological catastrophe before more than 8,000 years.
The ancient Greeks established a colony here - Odessos city, and after them the Romans built great thermal baths that can rival even the large modern SPAs.
Walk around Varna downtown and the sea garden - one of the prides of Varna.

Dolphins present a show of acrobatics, music and equilibristic. Artists are dolphins - the most intelligent animals.

Roman Baths - a huge spa since antiquity (2nd - 3rd century AD) with an area of 7000 m2. Residents of Odessos spent several hours there each day. Baths are not just a place where they bathed but were a real place for social networking and information exchange.

Lunch at a special historic place with Bulgarian cuisine.
Price: from 77 EUR. It includes transport, guide, entrance fees and lunch on the set menu (drinks not included). Prices depends on group size and periods. Please, contact us for price offer.

Day 5 - Visit to the market and bazaar in Dobrich Bonus tour free of charge

In the ethnographic complex Charshijata The Bazaar you will see over 35 operating craft studios /Dyukyans/. They give an idea of the most popular crafts in Bulgaria during the 19th century: cooperage, manufacture of wooden vessels, gold, pottery, weaving, embroidery, blacksmithing, millinery, bozadzhiystvo (boza is sweet soft drink that is made from millet) and much more.

Day 6 - An opportunity to visit Aladja Monastery and the beach in Albena

Aladja Monastery is a medieval Bulgarian rock monastery (XIII - XIV century). Located 18 km northeast of Varna. There are remains of a church, cells, a chapel, cook-house and other premises, carved in the rocks. In a new exhibition hall is exhibited permanent exhibition of copies of medieval frescoes (XII - XVI century).

The beach resort of Albena is one of the best beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The sand is fine. The beach is 150 m wide and stretches for 5 km.

Price:from 23 EUR. Price includes transport, guide and entrance tickets for Aladja monastery. Rent for umbrella and lounge on the beach are not included. Prices depends on group size and periods. Please, contact us for price offer.

Day 7 - free time for sport and spa

Day 8 Free time according to the time of transfer.

The offer includes:
  • 7 nights
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 5 dinners
  • Excursion to the Palace in Balchik and Botanical Garden
  • Visit the bazaar in Dobrich
  • Transfers to and from airport

The offer does not include:
  • Drinks
  • Meals that are not included in the program
  • Optional tours
  • Additional services

Prices depends on group size and periods. Please, contact us for price offer.