9 days / 8 nights

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Route Sofia - Karlovo - Plovdiv - Stara Zagora - Veliko Tarnovo - Russe - Bucharest
9 days / 8 nights

A trip for those who love history and the beauty of the nature. You will visit amazing monasteries, antiques sites, vibrant cities. You will travel throughout green mountains. You will visit few sits on the list of UNESCO for world cultural heritage.

Day 1 - arrival in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia
Transfer from airport to downtown hotel 4* .

Day 2 Sofia
Breakfast. Walking tour to the city center (about 3 hours). You will see St.Sophia church dating back to 5th-6th century of our era, a monument of Bulgarian medieval civilization that gave the current name of the town. Visit the largest cathedral Alexander Nevski with its gilded dome, the rotunda St.George 3th-4th century and the city fortress and you will feel the atmosphere of the city, which history dates over 5000 years ago. Overnight.

Day 3 Sofia
Breakfast. Time for shopping , visiting and leisure or optional one day excursion to Rila Monastery and the Boyana Church). Rila Monastery is one of the most impressive UNESCO world heritage sites in Bulgaria and it is the largest Eastern orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It is situated 117 km (73 mi) south of the capital Sofia. Founded in the 10th century, the Rila Monastery is regarded as one of Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments and is a key tourist attraction for both Bulgaria and Southern Europe. The whole complex occupies an area of 8,800 m² and is rectangular in form, centered around the inner yard, where the tower and the main church are situated.Return to Sofia. Visit the Boyana Church, located on the outskirts of Sofia. It is a true masterpiece of the Bulgarian Middle Agesand the avant-garde of the European Renaissance. Its frescoes dates from 1259 year and it was declared by UNESCO a World Cultural Heritage. Dinner in in Indian restaurant (optional). Overnight.

Day 4 - Sofia Karlovo
Breakfast. Trip to Karlovo ( about 2 hours 30 ) and visit of a center of extreme sports . There is an Adventure Park consisting from: Rope city( is located at height of 6 meters and has more than 20 various stages); Cube is a rope labyrinth hanging at height of 2 meter; Tarsan is located at height of 12 meters.The attraction enables to feel instants of free falling; Rope wall at height of 12 meters; Trolley bus; Robinzon is the overcoming of obstacles at height of 4,5 meters. There is also zorbing. The zorb is a transparent sphere with diameter 3,2 m with the cabin for a passenger (zorbonaut) inside. Zorb is destined for rolling down hills, mountains and other highnesses. Zorbs weight is about 80 kg. Visit of Chateau Copsa. Accomodation. Optional wine tasting and dinner. Overnight.

Day 5 - Karlovo Plovdiv
Breakfast. Trip to Plovdiv the second largest city of Bulgaria ( duration about 1 hour ). Accomodation in 4* hotel. Walking tour of the city. Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded before Athens, Rome and Constantinople in the time at which was based and the ancient city of Troy. There are artifacts of Thracian civilization. The Thracians were famous in the ancient world for its wines, which were declared as the best. The period during which Plovdiv has been within the Roman Empire was marked by the construction of many large public buildings like an amphitheater (late first and early second century of our era). And nowadays it is used for performances and outdoor concerts. Other major monuments of Roman civilization are the Roman Forum (2nd century BC) and Roman stadium in length of 180 meters and with 30,000 seats (second century of our era). At that time the name of the city was Trimontium, which means "town on three hills."Plovdiv is famous also with a central quartier Kapana, where is concentrated the night life : piano bars, night clubs, discotheques. Overnight.

Day 6 - Plovdiv Stara Zagora ( Starozagorski bani )
Breakfast. Departure to Stara Zagora. The duration of the trip is about 1h30.Visit of the town of Stara Zagora. The city is one of the oldest in Bulgaria. In the same time this a modern and very dianmic. Trip to Starozagorski mineralni bani. The Starozagorski Mineralni Bani is a balneology resort, which is located 15 km northwest of the town of Stara Zagora. The resort offers excellent conditions for relaxation, treatment and entertainment. The hot mineral water is suitable for SPA procedures and balneology treatment. There are remains of Thracian and Roman times, as well as bath premises, pools made of transparent marble, etc. Accommodation in 4* hotel with big SPA center, mineral pool, billiard parlor, game hall, kids zone, tennis courts, table tennis, volley ball, football. Time for SPA and relax. In the hotel there is a piano bar . Overnight.

Day 7 - Starozagorski Bani Valley of the Roses- Etar Veliko Tarnovo
Breakfast. Departure to the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Roses. There is a big number of Thracian tombs. The monuments of the Thracian civilization are more than 2500 years (5th century BC). The Rosa Damascena, known as the Damask or Castile rose, is the greatest treasure in the region of Kazanlak and it is one of the national symbols. Under the influence of the unique climate and soil of the valley, this rose gradually developed into a Bulgarian strain distinct from Damask roses elsewhere. That is why at the beginning of the 19th century this rose was named the Kazanlak Damask rose and the valley to the south of the Central Balkans came to be known as the Valley of the Roses. Here is produced 80% of the world production of rose oil, which is in the base of the highest quality perfumes. For centuries, roses have been the basis for the livelihood of this region. Visit of one rose oil distillery in the heart of the Valley of Roses. Trip to Etar ( about 1 hour ). The road passes through one of the passes of the mountains. The views are wonderful. The outdoor museum Etara is another interesting place in this excursion. Ethnographic Museum Etar is situated along the River Yantra, which can be viewed at actual size with its Bulgarian houses from the 18th and 19th century. Can drink coffee made on hot sand and eat white sweet, to see the working craft workshops. Departure to Veliko Tarnovo, the former Bulgarian capital. This is a beautiful city built on hills at the foot of which the Yantra River is winding. This is the city chosen by the Second Bulgarian kingdom for its capital (12th - 14th century). Accomodation in 4* hotel. Overnight.

Day 8 - Veliko Tarnovo Russe
Breakfast. Visit Tsarevets Hill, home to the Royal Palace and Patriarchy.
The hill was fortified (with wall) and occupied between 12th-14th centuries. It had between 3000 - 3200 inhabitants. These were aristocrats and merchants. The royal palace was in the castle fortress. Its area is 4872 m2.
Departure to Russe ( duration of the trip about 1h 30 ). The city of Ruse is situated on the highest right bank of the Danube river. This is one of the largest cities in the country an important cultural, commercial and industrial center. Due to the beautiful architecture and the internal shaping of the buildings constructed by Italian, Austrian, German and Bulgarian architects, Ruse was also known as The Small Vienna. Accomodation in 3* hotel. Time for visiting and leisure. Overnight.

Day 9 Ruse - Airport /Bucharest
Breakfast. Deaprture to Bucharest ( duration of the trip about 2 hours ). Departure

Price for the whole family: 3128 euro

The price includes:
  • 8 overnights on BB ( 7 in 4* hotels and 1 in nice 3* hotel)
  • Transportation with a car/ minibus
  • Private English speaking guide/driver
  • Visit of rose oil distillery

The price doesnt include :
  • The meals and beverages not listed on the program
  • The extreme sport park fees
  • The additional services and excursions
  • The entrance fees for monuments/museums
  • Air tickets

One day excursion to Rila Monastery and Boyana Church 180 euro for the group including transportation and English speaking guide.

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