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7 days / 6 nights

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Horseback riding tour of Bulgaria
7 days / 6 nights

This tour makes a complete lap of the country. It will allow you to familiarize yourself with Bulgaria and its history, the beauty of nature and its typical architecture. Our starting point is Ihtiman, a small town in the western part of the country, situated at the foot of the mountains. Will cross the Thracian Valley and visit one of the oldest cities in the world - Plovdiv.We'll arrive at the Black Sea with its vast beaches of fine sands. Will cross the mountain, the mountain which gave its name to the peninsula and extends the entire length of the country. We will visit a charming village, which is very famous for its beauty and its history. We will visit the old capital of Veliko Tarnovo. Riding will take place in different and diverse landscapes.

Day 1
Meeting at Sofia airport and transfer by minibus to a club near Ihtiman, which lasts about 30 minutes (40 km). Ihtiman is a small town situated at the foot of the Sredna Gora mountain. Selection of horses and riding in the horse base. Dinner and accomodation at (double rooms) houses nearby to a golf course.

Day 2
Morning breakfast and departure to the mountain riding. Our riding, about 3 hours, will allow us to get acquainted with the nature of this region, which will be soon left . We will ride on forest roads and trails to the lake Bozala and back. Returning to Ihtiman. Lunch and departure by minibus to Plovdiv - the second largest city in Bulgaria.
Arrival in Plovdiv city and accommodation in 3 * hotel in double rooms. Tour of its landmarks and sights.
Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities not only in Europe but in the world, it is more ancient of cities as Rome, Athens, Constantinople, Carthage. Eternal City, as Rome is traditionally called, is much younger than Plovdiv. Athens, Carthage and Constantinople also occurred much later. A contemporary of Troy and Mycenae, Plovdiv outlived these two cities. The city lies on the strategic road Via Militaris (Way of War), connecting Byzantium (later - Constantinople) with Western Europe and has always been an important security, economic, political and cultural center. Its wonderful location has stimulated strong cultural and political influences of Eastern and Western civilizations, ultimately, there is formed a unique cultural identity. The town is built on 7 hills - like ancient Rome, but according to ancient historians, the ancient Plovdiv was much more beautiful than Rome. Plovdiv is all in one: a Thracian and classical Greek polis, the pride of Philip II of Macedonia, the capital of Thrace under the Roman Empire, the center on Bulgaria in the Byzantine Empire, the stronghold of the Bulgarians, a dream of the crusaders - a magnificent, rich and most important city. Evmolpia, Philippopolis, Pulpudeva Odrysians/Odryuza, Trimontium, Kendros, Puldin, Ploudin, Filibe - these were the previous names of Plovdiv throughout its life from its 8000 year existence. The name Plovdiv first appeared in the XV century and remains in present times.Now days can be seen remains of its glorious past, mostly from the period of the Roman Empire. Plovdiv was finally conquered by the Romans in 46 AD
The Romans appreciated the important and strategic location of Trimontium and taken large-scale construction of creating durable, roads paved with stone. Also built public buildings, treasures, temples, baths, an amphitheater and stadium. With the expansion of the city boundaries it left the three hills range and stretches into the valley. Trimontium has advanced for its time water system (a small part of the ancient aqueduct is survived ) and sanitation. Excavations in the modern city today reveal only a small part of the ancient past of the Old Town. The magnificent amphitheater was built in Roman times. It is now restored and classical drama, operas and concerts are brought to the scene under the stars. It is working on the conservation of the stadium. During the Bulgarian National Revival Plovdiv is the largest city in the Bulgarian lands and the center of economic life and crafts. Numerically increased Bulgarian bourgeoisie strengthens economically and takes main influential part in the society. The old town has preserved the atmosphere of this beautiful period with its houses and cobblestone streets.
Dinner in Old Town. Overnight.

Day 3
Breakfast and departure to the Black Sea. Crossing the Thracian lowland and to reach the eastern part of the country. Arrival in Sunny Beach to 13:30h.
This is the biggest Bulgarian sea resort with 150 hotel and 200 apartment buildings. Situated in a beautiful bay with kilometers long beach shore.
Accommodation in the newly built horse riding base . It has 25 open pit and sandy ground, hotel rooms with 2,3 or 4 beds with private bathroom and club.During afternoon we will ride along and on the sandy coast between Pomorie and Aheloy to the salt lakes farms.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 4
Morning breakfast and riding around 3 hours in the Balkan mountains or on seashore, at the request of riders.
Lunch and visit the town of Nessebar.
Only a few kilometers away from Sunny Beach there is the town of Nessebar. It was founded by the Thracians, and in IV century BC became a Greek colony and the city-state. Due to its location the city developed as a major commercial fishing center. The old town was declared by UNESCO as a city-museum. Houses in the typical architectural style of the 18-19 century, and many churches are well preserved in it. The city was famous for its 40 churches, most of which are built during the reign of Ivan Alexander (1331-1371). Their number is impressive for such a small town and make it the city with the most churches per capita in the world.
Dinner in the Old Town. Overnight.

Day 5
Breakfast and departure by minibus to Arbanasi. This is a village founded by the Bulgarian aristocrats a few kilometers from the old capital of Veliko Tarnovo.
Arriving around 13:30h in Arbanasi. Accommodation in 4 * hotel.
The village is situated on a hill 4 km from Veliko Turnovo. Since it is revealing magnificent view of the medieval part of the town. Arbanasi is one of the most - interesting old Bulgarian villages. It was built by Bulgarian aristocrats during the 13th century, during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. There are beautiful houses and churches with preserved amazing frescos.
Horse race in Arbanasi has a 30-years history and is home to one of the best horse riding clubs in Bulgaria. His representatives have repeated national champions in eventing and jumping ride, holders of international awards. The base has 60 horses, most of it are bred in their own farm. Riding in a hilly area around Arbanasi next to Lyaskovski monastery which will takes about 2 hours.
Visit of the village and overnight.

Day 6
Breakfast. Riding around 3 hours in the area of Arbanasi and VelikoTarnovo to hut Bozhur /Peony/.
Lunch in Veliko Tarnovo and sightseeing.
The city is built on the hills at the foot of which winds the river Yantra and makes them natural fortresses. This place was chosen as the capital during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (12-14 century).
Visiting the medieval hill Tsarevets with the kings fortress and the buiding to Patriarchate. The hill was fortified and inhabited in the period 12-14 centuries from about 3000-3200 people. They were mainly aristocrats, merchants and craftsmen. The Royal Palace has been a fortress stronghold in an area of 4872 m2. The Patriarchate was also built as a fortress. The area is 3000 m2. It is the highest point of the hill.
Viewing Samovodska Charshia, an ancient market square with craft shops, which are still active at the moment. The picture transfers visitor perceptions in to 60-70 - years of the 19th century.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 7
Breakfast and departure to Sofia airport.

The offer includes:
  • 7 days/6 nights on full board, according the program
  • Horses, according the program
  • Monitor on the transitions with horses
  • English speaking guide
  • Visits, included in the program
  • Transfers from and to Sofia airport
  • Transport in minibus in the country, according the program

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  • Meals and drinks that are not mentioned in the package
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